Hello and welcome to my life. I can hear the groans already. Don’t worry, you can request to be left off the list, or just not click to read through. (Wonder if I could hire a ghost writer to spice things up?)

The main reason I am writing here, in my mind, is to document how the medication is affecting me, how my symptoms improve (if they improve) and basically whine some. Also, a place I can keep my findings in one spot.

I will try to use the tags to keep them separated, (IE:Hypothyroid, info, rant) It will also help me when I am trying to find things. At least until I have my brain back.

Today I will tell my story to date and maybe throw in some information and whining.

In order to understand the past, I have to start with the diagnoses. I found out I have hypothyroidism on May 23rd/2012. The blood work was ordered (First appointment) May 16th/2012.
I had gone in for a problem that had plagued me for a few months now; edema (extreme water retention). I had been gaining weight slowly over the year with the sedentary life I had from the allergic asthma, but was having very rapid weight gain (10 plus pounds in as little as one week) since February. It wasn’t the weight gain that scared me into going to the doctor, it was the water retention, that stiff, can’t move or bend properly feeling was getting worse by the day and I admit, I was a bit nervous. (My mom was an RN, so I have just enough knowledge to freak me out from time to time! ROTFL)

So, the appointment of the 16th had both doc and me thinking probably diabetes. Thankfully he added tests for all things that can cause the edema; Liver, kidney, diabetes, and thyroid, as well as a few other tests. Amazingly they only needed 3 vials for the tests. Most I ever had was 5, but that was a lifetime and 2 brains ago!

I was SURE it was diabetes, all the symptoms fit. It made sense, I had gestational diabetes in a bad way. Also, my iron and cholesterol are low, which seems to match the hypothyroidism.

My symptoms:
Exhaustion (Even when I did nothing)
Weight gain
Lack of … something
Inability to retain stuff I just umm learned
Forgetting things I’d know for
Short atten … OHH pretty flower

and a bunch of other things I am seriously struggling with.
(The above was only partially in jest. I REALLY am struggling HORRIBLE to get the words from my head to the thing with the letters … keyboard.) Which as many of you may have noticed, has been getting worse for a LONG time now. I had chalked it up to age and the HOPE of Peri-menopause (dammit).

There was SO much more I wanted to add, but my derailing squirrel has lost it’s nuts! (My new saying, if I remember it?)

And just for the record? This is EXACTLY how my brain is “on the fly” in my day to day life. I even catch myself slurrying, re-reading things or even speaking words that have nothing to do with what is going on/I am reading.

Haven’t been able to read a book in over 2 months. ALSO, time means squat, I just

I am afraid you are in for quite a few disjointed posts until the medication kicks in, which should be about 3 or so months? Thankfully the spelling will be okay, spell check is my hero!! Except with my name. 😦

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