Thyroid: Same old…

I have been tracking my symptoms, just so I know what’s what. (Note: Would love to have someone develop a “proper” app for tracking this.)

Really not a lot different than the last times.

Just a quick explanation of how my brain has been for … ever, I’d estimate.
Imagine a forest where the trees are so close together you can stretch out an arm and you will touch a tree, in all directions. Now throw in a fog so thick you can JUST make out your hand in front of your face. The “person” is the function of my brain. Lost and in a fog. Usually you can toss in a pressure headache (that could be from allergies, but fuck nows where the allergy symptoms end and the hypothyroid symptoms begin), and exhaustion.

For 3 days the fog had lifted! I was still in that forest, but I could see the trees. Still lost, but looking up!!

Today, the fog is back, not quite as heavy, but it is there. Top that off with the fact I think I might be getting a cold (Or my allergies have gotten away on me), and the weather is very dreary, and you now have a very cranky, exhausted, stupid mass of gelatinous goo.

Those days of starting to feel “better” make today feel that much worse. in reality I just need a nap already. LOL

It is a weird life, needing so much sleep (2 – 3 hours in the day), yet having trouble sleeping at night (regardless of napping or not during the day).

It is days like this I wish I was a cat. Sleep, eat, and bathroom for a few days might just help me.

Since my brain keeps wandering away mid-sentence, I better end this now. Hope this makes sense. *shrugs*

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