I just would like to point out, that one of the reasons I wanted to share this LJ with others, is because of how often hypothyroidism is misdiagnosed, not not even diagnosed at all.

All blood work has a “normal” range, and most doctors consider everything to be just ducky if you fall in those numbers, EVEN if it is “the” top (or bottom) number. I had the same thing with my iron for majority of my life, with only 2 doctors telling me I should take iron pills. All other doctors would scoff saying “it is in the normal range”.

Thankfully I have a darn good doctor now. As my doc said, one time in the low or high range is one thing, but if it is in those areas more than once, there is a problem. Once, you ask questions, do a follow up within a year. But more than once you follow up and give a diagnoses.

My hope with this LJ, is that maybe someone will read all this and and recognize something and get help. It’s just very hard when the symptoms could be anything from a cold to diabetes. But that’s why you watch those numbers! It is YOUR health and your RIGHT to know the numbers. If you have a doctor that will not tell them to you? Time to find a new doctor!
I won’t know for 3 months my exact numbers (he was swamped), but he has my files from clinic I use to go to so he can see if my numbers were rising before this huge jump.

Also, once he has the information in his computer/medical system, it will be a more accurate “picture” and he said I will get a print out. Didn’t quite understand him (I was still processing it all), but IF I have it right, his system forms a “picture” of sorts and lists all numbers (graph style?) for certain problems. He also mentioned a profile form my lungs as well?

I’ll know more next visit. (3 months)

But yeah, Guys … Just keep an eye on your numbers! I learned from my brother (for my brother, and family) but had never really watched for myself. You KNOW your body, if you don’t feel right, then push! You have a right to feel good!!

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