Thyroid: Slow assed recovery

Short post today.

Not much change. I wouldn’t even think there was any if I didn’t have an app to keep track of my symptoms. I AM getting better, it just doesn’t feel like it some days. Most days. fine, every day!

I can’t even remember the last time I was able to have my world rocked, or rock my husbands world! And really, when you feel (and look) like an over stuff sausage about to break through your own skin, and you can breath on a good day?? How the hell am I EVER going to have sex again?

OH! FYI, might be TMI in this post. Should have put it at the top huh? oops, my bad.

Weight is down some, but energy levels and that puffy “fat water thing” is pissing me off.

OH! BUT, on a HUGE plus, the last few times I have been able to reach around and wipe my butt with out feeling like I was going to rip my skin or pass out from the effort to turn in such a way!

Bad day today. Headachey, tired and extra “puffy”. Shoot me now.

Also fighting the depression today. May have to just go back to bed and call it a day.

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