Thyroid: Still annoying

Another short post.

I do truly try to keep the whining for my posts (which is why I don’t post often).

So the weight isn’t changing much now. But that is because I am not doing anything about it. Yet! Need to get back on the motivation wagon I think? SO hard, such a vicious cycle. I don’t move/get active because of low energy, yet my energy stays low because I am not moving/being active.

I need to just bite the bullet and get back on my tread mill. Just scares the HELL out of me. Darn near phobia fear. I just have to realize that the last time was rare and not likely to happen again.

Muscle tightness is still here, but I do have a few more days where it isn’t as bad! same with the water retention. It is so slow I lose heart at times. If I didn’t have a symptom tracking app, I think I would have given up and gotten off the meds. (feels almost worse since I got on them, but it really is getting better)

Headaches are still daily, but not as soul stealing, energy draining as before. Getting better.

I AM getting better, it just is such little changes I find it frustrating. I had JUST started feeling good about my health and myself when this thyroid problem started, and now it is worse. (until I “level out”) So, yeah.

I will ALWAYS be moody, depressed, and paranoid, I think, as that just seems normal for me? It isn’t bad not even enough to mention it to a doctor, just enough to be annoying. My Husband says it could just be my surroundings and those around us? (family, friends, neighbours, and how we have struggled in life) And I bet he is right, but short of being debt free and moving from this town, I don’t see that changing. A lottery win could help. LOL

But yeah, I just need to keep on keeping on. Baby steps. I go back in 2 weeks, probably adjust the medication.

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