Hypothyroidism: a vicious circle.

Having a rough time of it. While my logical half knows this could take a long LONG time to get “better”, my emotional side is throwing a huge tantrums. “Why! WHYWHYWHYWHY CAN I FEEL BETTER NOW!?”

I have come to terms with some of the symptoms, some I want to turn them into real living soft snuggly things so I can blow them up!! Yeah, I know, violence … but fuck it’s hard.
The main ones I struggle with are: insomnia, weight loss(lack of), and clumsiness.
Research is telling me I may never lose weight, even with heavy exercise. The only real thing is no carbs of ANY kind … Eek I have cut back, a fair amount, but NO carbs? NO sugar at all? *faint* Just not sure I can do that.

We’ll see, might have to. Just sucks. Like being sick for 2 years (almost. LOL) isn’t enough?
The insomnia will get better once I talk to my doctor and get some sleeping pills. Won’t need them often, seems to be about 3-5 days every second week. Ish.

The clumsiness is worrying me. I am pretty sure I have cracked bones from some of the falls. And I still am having troubles with cramping muscles.

The worst of it all? If I cut out the carbs I get the debilitating fatigue back, and my clumsiness can get worse. BUT if I lose the weight all can get better and the meds can work better (which can add to weight gain) ….

You see where this is going? No wonder I get dizzy spells! I am in an endless circle! (yes, I know, circles are endless…. I mean in the sense I am unable to get off this one.)


P.S typed from phone. Please ignore typos. Or, point them out gently. I Ack hoping to remember to fix them in the am from the computer.

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