Update: Doctors visit

**Some of this post may be a recap for some of you.**

Went to see the doctor last week. Three month mark from original diagnoses. Went from having 10 times above “normal” numbers, to only 3 times higher. Joy. So, needless to say, we’ve upped the meds.

I had spoken to the pharmacist (They tend to know more regarding drugs than doctors) about my dosing, he told me that my starting dose was very high, and when I told him about being 10 times the base level, he was still surprised …? Not so much because I had that amount, but that it was the starting amount. Apparently doctors tend to want to start slow and take their time getting the dose up?

WHICH, is WHY I like my doc, no bull shit, straight to the point, and it’s working.
We’ll see in 3 months if this dose is my stability dose for a bit.

I am seeing improvement in some of the symptoms, like the dry skin and memory, but, areas like weight loss and mobility are still very VERY slow to improve. NOT to sound like an ad, but I have an app for that! hehe It helps me track my symptoms, otherwise I’d never feel like I was improving. I have ups and downs, and can tell when I have a “jump”, my scalp gets this nasty horrid oil patch right down my natural part, and I get a boat load of dandruff. Then, for about 3 – 5 days I have a bad downward swing in my symptoms, with my mood being the first to take a nose dive. Sleeping really seems to be the main, non-medicinal, thing that helps to stabilize things. But that could just be all in my head?

Still frustrated with how long it feels like it is taking to “feel normal”. And with my husband suffering stress and anxiety right now, I admit it doesn’t always help me focus on my issues.

The biggest frustration for me of course, is my weight. I had NEVER gone above 190 (except while pregnant). Before my lung issues, I had gotten down to 160, and levelled out for over a month at 160. I was quite happy. When my lungs quit on me, I became very sedentary, and gained back most of the weight. I reached 185, and seemed to level out there. I was bummed, but bought a treadmill and was quite happy.

THAT was when the shit storm happened. I began to have troubles in the morning, putting on socks was almost impossible, wiping myself, would end in tears (had a hell of a time reaching around), even putting pants on was a chore. Yet, I was still able to touch my toes/floor flat handed without bending my knees. I didn’t get it!

At first I chalked it up to my back seizing up on me, but, after awhile I started to notice that my legs and arms were puffy, and hard. like an over stuff sausage. I was like that right after I gave birth, turned out to be edema(extreme water retention), back then, from being a gestational diabetic.

It took almost 2 months before I pushed my fear of diabetes down and got the courage to go to the doctor. Of course by then I was pretty gone. I am pretty sure my doctor was more worried than he let on. Seeing as this last time he became more serious, “Well, the great news is that your numbers are down to only 3 times as high, but they were so high, we aren’t fully out of the woods yet!” Or something to that effect.

Yeah, I worry a bit, but for the most part I honestly am just glad to have something that actually explains ALL my problems, not just one or two. Still have troubles getting on the treadmill (I have this hatred of it when others MIGHT see me …? I’m an idiot, I know) but I am trying.

Some days are better than others. Which is bad for the depression and paranoia part. I am great for so long that when I have a minor slip in those … It feels so much worse. Harder to keep control. (as poor stress hubby found out! EEK! I lost it on him. *blush*)

Apparently I have low tolerance for others that have similar issues as I do. *shakes head* Turns out I am a bitch!

Amazingly, I only had to use spell check once! And I had gotten it right. Shocking I know! (So if anything is wrong? Blame spell check!)

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