Hypothyroidism: update zillion and 7

In case you missed it, the title is a lie. There has not been that many updates. Just a zillion. ~_^

I will try to be brief with this.

My weight is FINALLY going down. Only 5 pounds at first, but apparently another 2 in the last 2 days(?), but it is the first time in almost a year I have dropped below 225!! And with no changes. Now with hubby back at work, and kiddo in school, I will get my ass back on the tread mill. Was frustrating climbing pound by pound while eating less (and healthy) and exercising. I had given up trying. (the treadmill I mean)

Overall I would say I am 80% of the way to “ideal” health (not weight). I still have down days, but the depression is weak now and the paranoia is all but gone! Hell, even my memory is coming back. If I think about it to hard (including right this second) I start to cry. It is so different. To finally FINALLY have my brain/mind and soul back to almost normal. I don’t think I realized just how bad I felt/was. Looking back, it was scary.

Anyway, I was interrupted by a tenant and have lost my train of thought.

“Looking good, Billy Ray!”
“Feeling good, Louis!”

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