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Living with Hypothyroidism is interesting to be sure. I am learning new things almost daily! Ok, maybe not daily any more, now maybe weekly.
No word of a lie, the thyroid gland controls every last thing in your body. It is what has added misery to my allergies, affected my overall health (too many things to list, and even a SMALL part of how I react/think etc. towards some things.
What I mean by that, it colours my views with suspicion and depression, I believe many know that from past posts. BUT, did you know it can even affect the happy thoughts? I have found only 1 or 2 mentions in the trillions (small exaggeration) of comments on-line, but, from my own view due to only missing ONE stupid pill a week ago, even when I am happy it seems falsely induced.
What I learned yesterday, is it also affects your breast growth. Told you I wasn’t JUST paranoid hun. pft I have worried (almost since my reduction) that my breast were getting larger. It has been worse the last two weeks. Embarrassingly, I have been rather obsessed that I need another reduction. (not really that extreme, but I do HATE the size right now, even if it is only just an inch larger?)
Turns out the reason for the size change is how the thyroid interacts with the pituitary gland. I am trying to counteract my irrational fear by reminding myself that I have lost that initial 5 pounds, and another 3 (sometimes 5). Also console myself with the fact that, true or not, majority of folks on-line reported that they do shrink, some, when their thyroid is under control.
Overall, I have been doing well. Still fighting off a cough from some nasty bug/virus we all had. But have added back in my nasal spray and “emergency puffer” before my maintenance puffer, and it seems to be clearing up. Bit slow for my taste (I admit, I am a bit freaked out I will get that horrible lung issue again!), but it is getting there.

Okay, my attention span is better, but still not 100% … I have lost my train of thought now. I’ll post again some day.

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