Another update:

Some TMI spots.

Pretty short post today.  So much for short! 😀 (good moods to that to me. LOL)

Had my blood test last week, and saw doctor today. My numbers are low normal. I believe he said 4? (not sure what that means, but it does mean if I was 10 times to high before meds … EEK!)

To help level me out completely, and to see me on the lower end of numbers (higher normal) he has upped my medication just a tiny bit. Also in hopes of kicking the last few symptoms to the curb.

I am still fighting bowel issues, tiredness, paranoia  and a few others. most of the remaining symptoms are coming in waves. I will have only some (about 1 – 5) for a few weeks then, BOOM, for about a week or so (any where from 3 days to a week and a half) I will get almost all my symptoms back.

Some go hand in hand with the crappy weather we have been having, some are part of the S.A.D I get (he confirmed that today as well), and some are PMS. *shrugs* But the bulk of those he said should disappear once we get me to the ideal level! 😀

The top symptoms that I really want gone, that I am still dealing with, would be the tiredness, paranoia, and the bowel issues. The rest, because they come and go, I can handle them. The tiredness is the worst! it is constantly. I have a feeling that is to do with the crappy weather we have had most of the year! When we had sunshine and nice weather, I didn’t feel this bad, I felt it was going away (though, not completely gone).

The paranoia, not sure what to say. It too is in waves, and I thought I could handle if it was “mostly gone”, but I think the waves are almost worse! When it was a constant, I fought it better, most people didn’t even know. But in waves, it surprises me. I can handle it fine, great even, but I handle it with anger, my family knows, it doesn’t stay hidden.

hmm, I say paranoia, but it is a mix, there is depression too. It is hard to tell where one begins, and the other ends. I suspect that without the depression, the paranoia would vanish. BUT, on the exact same hand, I believe that without the paranoia, depression would leave. Not sure though. Lately it is just to tangled to be sure. The sunshine today, (as short as it appears it will be) is doing AMAZING things for me! I am still tired (lack of sleep last night), but not exhausted. I am happy, sort of energetic (as much as my bowel issues allow … backed up), and just in general, feeling good!

Been too long since I have been on this side of life. Refreshing.

tl;dr  To sum up? DARN good mood today, and things (health wise) are on the up swing! 😀 😀

Things happen in sets of 3’s they say, maybe a big lotto win will be my third? ROTFL

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