Not too much to report.
I have still been struggling emotionally and while I have come out the other side ok, I am still pretty drained.

After my last posting, I had an AMAZING person send me a very unexpected gift. I felt guilty, in part because I didn’t really need it, yet, I knew it could come in hand even if just for a “mental health” present to myself (ie: new underwear comes to mind. LOL). I haven’t spent the gift yet, partly out of guilt and partly because I really felt the need to use it for something special. And with how my mood has been, nothing was really striking me as special.

(Bear with my ramblings, it will make sense in the end I hope?)

Now, usually a day or two of sun will help me beyond words, in terms of lifting me from my funk. And, it did a bit, but my son has been low lately as well, over school things. This added to my guilt (not logical, but what happens), and therefore the sun was not really helping.

Today, I received a call from a wonderful helper at the school (REALLY need to find her a perfect gift when the kid grads in 2014. ACK!? TOO SOON! wait, sorry, back on track …), stating she has spoken with him and the solution may be at hand. This helped some, to lift the weight from my shoulders. Heck even doing laundry! (yeah, I hadn’t gotten that bad)

So, back to the gift. It got me thinking, how I REALLY need out of the house (we all do, really), so I thought, maybe, if the husband is up for it, That money could go for our first date night since … forever! Could let the kiddo get a movie or game or whatever, and George and I could go out, have a nice meal, no kid (NO CELL PHONES! ) and just reconnect and have some us time. 😀

I REALLY hope he says yes. I am quite looking forward to it! (haven’t even made plans, and I am wanting to get all purtty! hehe) Even thinking since hubby’s missing pay is on this cheque, it might be enough for a hair cut! REALLY get done up.

I never realized just how badly the thyroid could affect my mood until this year. I have gotten low, but never this bad for this long.

Anyway, Thank you again friend! (wasn’t sure if you wanted to be known?! :D)  I will never be able to express enough what you have done for me. It has helped me through some rough spots the last few weeks!!

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