I had my three month check in for my thyroid today. All is good! I am running a bit “hot” in the numbers. So nice and low. If it were an average person, no issues, they would be keeping an eye out for hyperthyroidism. BUT, because my thyroid was almost shut down completely, he wants to keep me at this point for a while until we know that I am stable, and more of my symptoms are gone/less bothersome.

I think my most favourite part of the visit? When he looked at me happily and asked how much weight I lost because “You are looking good! Lost quite a bit, yes?” 😀 😀

Mostly it is just “softening” not such a swollen and bloated look. He insisted on weighing me, and it turned out I had lost 11 pounds! ELEVEN! I have my scale set … err a bit low, and had thought I had lost 8 or 9 (at the adjusted number), so 11 was VERY exciting! And this is without being on the treadmill!! (Lungs have been acting up which makes it hard!)

We have also gone to 6 month check ins. Whee

Really like this doctor, he may not be “older”, in the sense he hasn’t been graduated for long, but he is thorough! And while he is still learning how to run his own practise, he has sure been amazing (and the only one to catch all my problems) in helping me.

All in all, a great day!

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