Been meaning to do an update for a week or so.

Things are going quite well! I have had more “ups” than I have downs, but that does make the downer times seem worse, but thankfully they are becoming farther apart, and not as sever as Nov/Dec was (and a bit in Jan). Energy is coming around, but hard to judge, I have NEVER liked doing housework. hehehe

My appetite is coming back! That’s a shock to me, I have (for as long as I recall) gone a whole day or longer without food because I have forgotten to eat simply because I have not been hungry.

I am now down to 210 (give or take a few pounds) which compared to the top of 245 ish (Might have been 235? I ignored the scale) is AMAZING! Mood is still swinging, but I can control the anger much better, and the forgetfulness is slowly but surely being forgotten. (HA! See what I did there? A lame VERY lame comparison.)

OH OH! AND as silly as it may sound? I can actually bring my right foot up on to my left knee to put my socks on! WITHOUT grabbing the foot and forcing it! 😀 😀  I know it is crazy, but that makes me happier than you can imagine.

Heck, even my paranoia is getting better.

So, yeah Kiddo needs to get back to school, so I will stop now.

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