Happy happy

GUYS! GUYS!! I got on the treadmill!

Okay, I know so that isn’t a big deal, but for me it is. It has been WELL over 2 maybe 3 months since I have been on it. I didn’t realize how “depressed” I was, and how much I missed it until I got on. I even did quite well if I say so myself. *blows on finger nails and polishes on shirt* 😀

I never went below 2 mph averaging about 2.3. I tried 2.5, but it was just a smidge too high, it started to make me cramp up. I even did 2 inclines of about 5 minutes each, just an incline of 1, but not bad for first time in many months.

The cloud that has hung over me for so long is hovering in the background, but it is no longer pressing in on me. *blush* I get a bit teary thinking about it (good tears! Been too long waiting for this “feel good” moment). I think the 10 plus pounds I have lost really helped me do so well.

Also, I am probably going to move this all over to it’s own site. I want to be able to customize it a bit more, add links and a home page, just something a bit more … I don’t know, more. LOL
ANY suggestions for a domain name would be great. I am stumped. All of it will be through free stuff, so I won’t expect full 100% up time, but it will be more of a home than this.

Also, thinking of using WordPress. Anyone with advice? tips?

I am VERY determined to get below 200 before my birthday, even if it kills me! ARGH! Ideally I want around 150, but that might be too much by Sept? I figure 10 plus more pounds is doable by then. hehe Having been maxed at 250 is just … ugh! Scares me. Today I am sitting around 209 – 211 (depending on the day) and that is really helping to lift my spirits some.

*vows not to cry*  😀 😀 😀

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