New home

Hello all.

Welcome to my new home. I am afraid it is disjointed and rather a mess at the moment. Not sure if or when I will fix it all. Annoyingly, I have forgotten more than I care to admit when it comes to web design. Once upon a time I was able to write HTML from scratch, and PHP with cheat sheets to help. Now, even with detailed instructions, I find myself lost and more confused than when I started.

Slowly I am gaining my memory function, but I may have bit off more than I can handle with this website thing. Perhaps if I continue to read and continue to try, something will click? Unfortunately, most instructions for WordPress is not detailed enough for me, or is written in a way it assumes you have some knowledge.

I may have to try to find help from others if this keeps up. UGH.


Now, on to the actual reason for this site, (Besides the moving from LiveJournal, so I can have more control, that I can’t handle) Me detailing my life with Hypothyroidism (and health in general).

Had a doctors appointment Monday, more for a pap, than for my thyroid, but did have some good come from it! I have lost another 5 pounds since last visit! YES! Truly feeling like I may just come out of this ok.

I have been noticing my short term memory is improving  Not quick enough for my tastes, but at least there is improvement now. Long term memory had not been affected to badly, but what had been affected has since corrected and stabilized. *wipes brow*  And as my last few posts have pointed out, the weight is beginning to fall away. Just need to get my energy levels up and keep motivated to get on my treadmill.

Speaking of energy, I am having troubles telling if it is improving or not. I have never really been one to have much energy, but I never felt like I had to sleep again after a good nights sleep or a nap. I am still feeling tired all the time. Mind you, that could be just coincidence  When I first thought my energy was improving, I got sick and that dragged me down, and now I am fighting with allergies. So I could be getting better, but other things are adding to that tiredness? Whatever it is, I do need to figure it out and solve it before I completely waste my life away in bed. 😉

So many symptoms I struggle with have improved, I won’t list them all, as this post is long enough. But I think of all the improvements I am grateful for? It would be general mental health. The brain fog and memory, and the depression and paranoia. Sure I still get those, but they have come so far it scares me when I look back at where I was. I never, ever want to be in that dark and confused a place ever again.  Very scary there.

I am breaking through from the clouds! sunshine_through_clouds1-1024x768

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