General health update

I have added this to the hypothyroid category because we (doc and I) haven’t decided if my allergies/lung issues are from the thyroid, or if the thyroid problem is from allergies. So they are sort of tied together, we think?

Cut to spare you whining.

I am not sure if I am getting sick (cold/flu/some alien shit?), or if this is an allergy related issue. Most likely a combination of the two.

Okay, before I get on with my whining, I expect no sympathy. I have a confession. I am smoking again. I had quit for a year. I will give no excuses, I was an idiot, and trust me, every single time I even THINK I am having lung issues I beat myself up. Just wish I could get the money to do it again, this time I would STAY quit. And if I have to, hubby will have a separate bed! (Can’t stand the smell when he smokes and I am not)


Any way, To get on with this, My lungs are acting up again. Like I said, not sure if sick or allergies. I am very nervous about where this is going, and since I haven’t gotten my pneumonia shot, and so many things are going around, I admit I may be a bit hypersensitive about this.

It isn’t too bad yet, no real coughing, just the feeling of not catching a full breath, always tired, and just a general since of un-wellness. I suspected allergies in the beginning because of thick head and sneezing etc. But hubby stayed home sick today (yay, time to tighten the money belt even more. Ugh), and it was similar to what I have been feeling, but with throwing up (well, sort of. More just the heaves).

Well, of course he doesn’t have the breathing problems. But that is why I think it is a combination of things. Even my thyroid symptoms have flared up a bit. *shakes head* I just don’t get it. Ok, I do, but I don’t understand why now?


As to the whine, I was FINALLY starting to feel health more often than not. I had shaken the paranoia almost completely and even the depression was more and more distant. If it had just stayed the sniffles, and a slight need for more “air”, I could have dealt with that. But it is happening more frequently, and I am beginning to cough a bit more each passing hour. Still not much, but enough to bring back the worry.

And before I get a lecture? YES, I am trying to cut back on the smoking. Addiction is a bitch.

So, yeah, Hopefully this will pass soon.

Just seems like “Go figure, JUST when I was feeling almost human again…”



I just want to add, I DO know that my health issues are minor compared to so many others. I find it very cathartic to vent on here, because here I know I am not forcing my voice on any one, if they wish to read they can, if they wish to ignore it they can, yet I feel as if I have gotten my worries out of my head.

Plus? Trouble breathing sucks! Doesn’t scare me as much now (yet) as while difficult, it is controllable  But it still scares me that I might get as bad as before, even though unlikely.

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