General Life stuff

Lots going on lately, mostly just personal stuff, not too much thyroid stuff.

I’ll cut this as I get a bit emo at times. ~_^

Overall Thyroid wise, I have been doing great! suffered a cold for awhile that threatened to hit my lungs hard, but it is slowly going away, and I hardly even notice it now. My mood has been climbing steadily. Been very “up” most of the time. I have been waking up feeling refreshed, alive, and in general pretty darn good. I would have the odd moment here and there, but it was wonderful!  Then … Monday happened.


I use to be one of these folks where I had empathy, but it didn’t affect my mood very much. But for a few years now, I become a chocolate mess, and Monday (Boston bombings) was no different. I had a doctors appointment that day as well, so that was fun. Doc was a bit worried about me (I had mentioned my “depression” to him before.), and made me promise if I couldn’t pull out of it or I cried for any reason other than pain, to call him. hehe I like him!


Thankfully I knew that I would pull out of it. 1.) My mood has been better. 2.) He caught me after seeing the news, and being in an overly quiet room. 3.) I was only days (turned out I was early) from my period. That always messes with my moods.

So, yeah, I wasn’t super worried. I was smart though, I knew that such a think could mess with my sleep, and I only had 2 pills left, so I asked him for a refill on my sleeping pills. Nice surprise though, I didn’t need them! But I sure have been dragging my ass the last few days. As I type this, I am thinking of my bed.


Can I be brutal for a moment? (not disrespectful! I promise.) While I find myself in tears and heartbroken about the Boston bombings, I hear about things in Iraq, Or Afghanistan  or almost any where else “foreign”, and while I think “That’s shitty , I don’t get that same gut punch as if it is in Canada, US, or even areas I “might visit if I get rich”.  I am pretty sure that makes me a shitty human being, yet, I have noticed it seems to be many folks act/behave the same way. IS it because it is close to home? Because “Oh, I can relate to them?” (similar lifestyle/way of life)Or is it as simple as “I could see me in that place … holy shit!”


Whatever the reason, I am torn. On the one hand I could not handle the emotional turmoil of  “all the feelings” from every place, but yet, I don’t WANT to be “a bad person”.


That said, I am tired and I am losing my train of thought. (so easily distracted still, at least when tired.) And I can feel the emotions bubbling. Time for some sleep for this girl!

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