Doing well

Been about a month since my last update, and that was more of a question for you, the audience (which never got answered).

Cut (got long fast!)

I have come to grips with the fact that this site is seen by me and the occasional spam. But I will keep it up just for the simple fact that it is very cathartic for me. It allows me to share my experiences (even if no one is there to partake. lol) and just get it all out of my head. It also allows me a way to monitor my progress.


The biggest improvement I have noticed is my emotional well-being. The lifting of the depression (hate that word) alone has been worth the diagnoses and medication. Other big factors is the paranoia, and general feeling of “health”. I put health in quotations simply because in total I am not 100%, but the feeling of better health is certainly there.


I think, if I could just get the allergies under full control with no flare-ups, any minor set backs with the thyroid would also follow suit. It still amazes me how much the allergies and thyroid are so closely linked. Along with, of course, so many of my other aliments. I am not sure I will ever truly grasp just how much the thyroid controls in our body. Quite mind boggling. Everything from eye sight to mental clarity, from hair growth to dry skin, and even how our blood runs and our heart beats. Very fascinating.


If I can ever get the money, I would love to see if there is an actual book on it. On-line is only so accurate and helpful. I put a bit more stock into an actual book written by a doctor I think.


One area that hasn’t shown as much improvement, due in part to the fact I am lazy (I will admit that), would be my weight. I do eat right, and while I do eat junk, it is not often. But where I struggle is the exercise, I get on a roll and my lungs will quit for a bit, and it becomes a chore again. I also struggle with the carbohydrates(holy crap, I spelled that right). Sugars in particular, but all in general are just not handled well with a sluggish thyroid. apparently many of the good foods I love, broccoli and strawberries among them, can actually slow the thyroid even more.


Guys, I just do not think I can give up bread, pasta, and my coke (the drink). Of all those, I do know that the Coke is the worst. Pure sugar and pure fat from that sugar. I do great and get down to one glass a day, and then without even realizing it, I am back up and have to start all over again with weaning off. I would try the diet version except for two big things, the artificial sweeteners are THE worst for shutting down the thyroid completely, AND the taste is NASTY.


Although, whole wheat items are supposedly handled differently than straight white, so I am slowly working that into my breads I make, half and half right now on most things. Not sure I will ever get to full whole wheat, as whenever I up the amount, the family begins to notice it “too much”.


Yep, I have to say, overall things are pretty good. The few remaining issues have become large, but only because it is beginning to be annoying that they just won’t go away.


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