Allergies (and the thyroid)

Shortly after my last posting my allergies flared horribly. It actually got almost as bad as when I first got them 2 (3?) years ago. Wheezing, coughing, troubles breathing, you name it it was happening.

Now, I don’t recall the time line very well, but I do remember noticing that my thyroid was a bit larger (I could actually find it, but not so bad as to be seen). I do know that originally my allergies flared because of the thyroid shutting down, but we don’t know if the thyroid started to shut down because it was fighting allergens! It’s a scary circle. Whatever happened it was similar this time. It had gotten bad enough one day I actually thought about going to emerg! But I am a stubborn old fool, and knew eventually I would get it under control.

One thing is for sure, I do need to talk to my doctor about the stages of my allergic asthma and just when should I go to the hospital, and can they actually do anything for me? (besides oxygen and knock me out) According to every website (medical) and chart on controlling my asthma, I should have gone to the hospital within 2 days. Just seems silly though. I know eventually I will get it under control, and 3 or 4 days of lost sleep and trouble breathing seems like a stupid reason to go to the hospital. BUT, if doc says I should go next time (this is third time since diagnosed, so it will happen again) then I will.

I have learned though that high amounts of caffeine (as in 3 cups of coffee or a few glasses of coke — Shush Charlotte!)  helps control the coughing. Was shocking how well it worked! Seriously, there is supposedly something about caffeine that helps reduce the swelling of the airways. I was sceptical, but hot damn! It works!

Still need to pick up my pneumonia shot and get that, and go have my blood test. Already a month behind on the blood test. (oops)

Every allergy site says rain can/does reduce allergens. I cry BS! Each time I get such a bad flare-up it is when it is raining. Now, according to the allergist, I am not allergic to moulds (un-true in my opinion as I got a reaction/boil on the mould site an hour after we left his office, and it hurt/itched like CRAZY!) so rain should not affect my breathing from allergies.

I am catching myself ramble and loss my train of thought (memory and brain function takes longer to regain after one of these attacks), so I will just end this now.

One day though, I may just conquered all my problems? I mean WILL conquer! (maybe) hehe

One last thought … All that aside? Ignoring the crankiness from playing catch up on my sleep, I am still in damned fine spirits! Been so long since I have felt “up” … Still surprises me when I catch myself happy. 😀 😀 (ohh You sickos! NOT what I meant!)

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3 Responses to Allergies (and the thyroid)

  1. Charlotte says:

    In limited quantities, caffeine can be good for a lot of things. Most people drink 1-3 cups a day without any ill effects, and in the long term it may have some really beneficial properties (like warding off cancer) — I think the data is still inconclusive. It’s not the caffeine I take issue with. The problem is that if you’re getting caffeine through soda, you’re also getting just absolute shit-tons of sugar and acids that are bad, bad, bad for you. Bad for your stomach, bad for your teeth, bad for your blood pressure, bad, all around, period, end of discussion. Coffee is also not super-great for those things, but it at least has the benefit of being actual food, and probably has more benefits than it does risks in both the short term and the long.

    If you must have caffeine, stick to coffee. A single espresso shot has about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, so there’s always that alternative (though it’s more expensive, cup for cup). Caffeinated tea. Even the occasional chocolate bar won’t kill you. There are much better ways to get caffeine. But PLEASE lay off the soda. A “few glasses” is already way too much. I don’t say that to criticize. I say that because I care.


    • Susan says:

      *kicks wordpress* Have it set to notify me of comments (need to approve because of spam) and it didn’t notify me. 😦

      ANY way, I know you aren’t trying to be mean. I appreciate it. I DO know it isn’t good for me, but, much like the smoking it is an addiction and it is an addiction I fight with.

      For now we are going to switch to iced tea (not much better), mainly because it is cheaper, but also because iced tea I have no problems turning it down if need be, but keeps that sugar/caffeine headache from coming on when I quit coca-cola (I’d say coke, but I am 12 and I think drugs! LOL)

      Yeah, the benefits verses cons for coffee varies on which research you read. Some say up to 5 cups a day is actually not only not bad for you, but actually GOOD for you. Others state that 2 to 3 a day has enough benefits to out way the negative. *shrugs* I drink mostly decaf, which isn’t caffeine free, just lower caffeine. I may buy a small caffeinated to add a bit more caffeine if when I quit the cola, just to help me over the withdrawals a bit easier.


    • Susan says:

      Side note … How the heck did you get an avatar? I have not been able to figure that out. grr

      I have forgotten so much about coding/computers, makes me sad. 😦


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