Back sliding?

Not quite sure what is going on lately, but I do know that I am just not in as good health as I was just one month ago. Again the insomnia is back, and again I am tired most of the time. Welcome back to the streak of greasy, flaky scalp right at the part. 

Dry hands, itchy skin, sadness, even a touch of paranoia, all of it. It good be a levelling of the hormones, or even a spike. Maybe even just the change of seasons. Whatever it is, I still have a month before my next blood test to show me if it is my thyroid numbers climbing, or if it is something else. Since last test had me from low 1’s up to mid 2’s (I think 2.5 he said?) I really suspect my numbers are high. Well, high for me.


See, 2.8 -3.5 (or numbers close to that) is about perfect for your average person, but when my hypothyroidism was detected, I was over 40 times higher than the too high number (which at this time in our area is 4.6? I think? There is “talk” on forums etc that doctors what that number lowered, but it is just that, talk). All this means, if my numbers get close to “normal” it is just to high for me. Doc had hoped that once I had been low enough for awhile my body would like normal … but doc just doesn’t know me, when have I EVER been normal?



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