My body/mind confuse me at the best of times, but lately I can no longer tell what is from my thyroid, what is the weather, or what is from my (now late) period hormones. 


For the most part I am feeling a bit better mentally, I thank my husband for that. We had a very long cuddle time the other day. I just held him like he was a life raft and I was drowning. I felt a calm come over me, I could almost feel my emotional confusion and depression drain away, as if he was taking it from me. (hope it wasn’t!)


And now, just as I felt I might be in need of another session, Boss man phoned regarding a raise I had asked about, and really boosted me up. Told us how he appreciated all our hard work, and without actually saying it, told us that we were doing a better job than the former manager (you don’t speak ill of the dead and all that).


Still nervous a bit, and until I KNOW what we are getting, I will probably stay in this state of mildly raw nerves. We are asking for $300 and free rent. Hoping to get at least $150 and half rent, but who knows. 


Winter is showing it is coming. snow on the mountains, flurries at night, and bi-polar temperatures. I know that is a good portion of my mental issues, but it is controllable right now. 


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