Short but sweet

Well hello there! It’s been awhile since I have updated my blog. In all fairness, I keep forgetting. 


Not much has changed since my last update. Still sure my numbers are a bit high, but the symptoms have settled. Not better, but not worse either. Just the same. Tired, achy, memory issues, that sort of thing. I have been trying to “work though” the problems, just get up off my ass and do things. But it is so difficult to find the energy. I have good days and bad.


I am just very grateful I have a wonderful understanding husband who has the patience of an old growth forest! I do find my muscles become sore (as in, I want to cry, they are so sore) very easily. Just folding laundry can cause horrid pain for hours. Thankfully, walking isn’t as bad. I do get lower back spasms if I walk continuously for longer than 10 – 15 minutes (which is why my poor treadmill is dusty. 😦 ) . Yet, shopping for an hour or more (means standing still for a short time between walking), doesn’t bother me much. Until I sit down. This muscle thing is new, and I am not sure it is even related to the thyroid, but I will keep an eye on it and note when and how often it happens.


My mood(s) have actually improved a tiny bit since last post. I still find myself feeling … lost, out of sorts, but the crying at a drop of a hat isn’t as bad. And for the first time in YEARS I am almost looking forward to the Christmas holidays. But, it is a bit away yet, we’ll see how long this continues.

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