The doctor will see you now ….

Short version phone post of the week so far, may be updated Friday some time:

Monday I went to get my standing order blood test, she told me it had expired. Nurse wouldn’t phone the doctor, just nope, go away. Phoned doc when I got home.

Tuesday was mellow.

I must note, on Saturday I had a weird “depression” moment that I haven’t had in a long time. I started crying for no reason and couldn’t stop.

Wednesday was a “not doing anything, can’t make me.” sort of day. Had no energy/want to move.

Thursday (today) had doctors appointment. Thankfully with my usual doctor. He said he had concerns about my thyroid levels, noting the slow climb in numbers. HA! Take THAT other doctor!

He scheduled extra “yearly” blood tests, including some I haven’t had before, and wants my B12 checked.

I am A+ if anyone wishes to help me out after my tests Monday? LOL

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