… and then I was right!

Two weeks ago I had my 3 month blood work done, along with some extra work up “just to be sure”. I had the usual, CBC, TSH, T4, Urine things, liver, kidney, and Glucose. I also had a few news ones, B12, and T3, and 1 or 2 others I don’t recall. According to the doctor, I will be having all this once a year on top of my 3 month TSH standing order. Good thing I don’t mind needles.

My Last 3 month check in didn’t go very well. My doctors new clinic partner believed that I couldn’t have symptoms if my numbers were anywhere in the normal range, especially since I was near the middle. At that I time I had jumped (in 3 months) from 1.2 (or 1.5?) to 2.1. The range in Canada is .34 – 5.5, so yes, yes I was in the middle – sort of. However! That does not mean that I can’t have symptoms. For some people, being in the middle might be too high for their system, others to low, and some, just perfect. Consider this; when I was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism my numbers were 55. FIFTY FIVE! Now, from the research I have done, and depending what website you go to, and adding a few grains of salt, numbers from 60/65 – 92/100 can be lethal. And it is not a quick death; first you have the coma stage, which if you look at my depression side, would have been a nice break from stress. Kidding, I need sleep in a huge way, but I doubt a coma would be the way to get a proper rest.

Fast forward to last check up with “my” doctor. My standing order for TSH had expired, which lead to my appointment, and a nice talk. He did have concern about the slow climb in my TSH and worried about spiking (SEE?! Oh, wait, not there yet! Keep reading.) I so badly wanted to find the other doctor and say “IN YOUR FACE, ASSHOLE!” But, I tend to avoid confrontation, and really. What would it have proved? So, with a double sided* blood order I headed to the hospital to be drained of blood. And then the wait.

And wait, and a hospital trip for an oil burn to my face.

Finally after a week (tests take 1 – 2 days to get to the doctor. Heck the T3 still isn’t back) I phoned the doctor’s office, both to check on my numbers, and book an appointment for other issues – thought I had thrush from my puffer. Turns out, it is acid reflux that made my tongue so sore. Go figure. According to the receptionist, my numbers must be fine, as it appeared he looked at the numbers but did not have me marked for a call back.

Wouldn’t you know it! My mouth issue cleared up a day or two after I made the appointment. I could have cancelled, but figured why not keep the appointment to check my acid/heartburn issues AND to double check the results. After all, you never know for sure if the doctor has actually looked the results over fully.

I am VERY glad I did. He had, in fact, not give the results a full going over “I always come in to check” – dude, not a good idea! What if I decide to take the non-call for the answer? Turns out I WAS fighting a bug (WBC was high). The rest of the results (the main ones):

B12 – Not enough, need!

Cholesterol – down, but so is the HDL, Can’t win for trying.

Blah, blah, few other things high end of normal, but no worries (yet?)

And, of course, my TSH – 5.15!! Remember, in Canada the highest end of TSH “Normal” is 5.5 so lab marked as N. FYI, US, which has a more realistic set of numbers for most blood work, has a range of .2/.4 – 2.4/4 BIG difference. Most information I read, recommended that for high “starting” numbered patients, their numbers should be keep at a range of approximately 1.5 – 2.2. Most sited the reason for this as, that is the range which most patients felt the best and, the higher the start, the lower the maintenance numbers.

I think I damned near punched and kissed the doctor at that point. I wanted to punch him, as it took me reminding him how good I felt at 1.2(or whatever number), and how so many symptoms were coming back. Kiss him, because he LISTENED! He heard what I said, and took a second look at the numbers and used his brain to realize that I had a point. Unlike the previous doctor, who just dismissed me without a thought.

I was both elated – at the fact It was being fixed and being right – and a bit sad – that I had to fight so long to be heard. Three soft months, and three hard months of symptoms growing and becoming worse. I was beginning to lose myself again, my mind, memories, and train of thought. Actually, I am extremely impressed I was able to keep this post so on track. But pre-writing it in word and have dead silence and 2 hours’ time helped.

I have to say – adding the fact we had sunshine today, I got OUT in that sun, and a pretty good doctors visit – I had a darn good day. Probably the best for my mood in a very long time.

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