How can time crawl, when it feels like it is flying?

I can’t believe it has only been a week since my synthroid dose was upped. It feels like a month.

Mentally I feel like things are a bit worse right now, I am so tired all the time, but logically I know better. I know that there are no real visible changes yet. It is hard playing the waiting game. I know it will take a minimum of 3 weeks for the B12 to take effect (or is it affect? Crap) and the synthroid has always taken about 2 – 3 weeks to get to level where I start feeling better. It will be about a month – month and a half until I feel great.

I have noticed the trial medication he gave me for my acid reflux worked the first night, but I think it is not paying nicely with my bowels. TMI: I have been getting cramping, and period like symptoms along with odd bowel movements — from rabbit turds to elephants droppings. Just odd. It is a side effect though. BUT, it allows me to sleep without my chest feel like it wants to turn inside out via my throat.

Also, with the colder weather folks are burning more and the smoke is aggravating my allergies …

Emotionally I think I am stabilizing? I still get choked up on some things, but I no longer just cry for no reason. That could also be the fact we have had more sunshine lately. 


Newt doctors appointment (2 months instead of 3), I have a fair amount of information printed from medical sites, both from the US and Canada, that I want to share with the doctor. See if I can get him to agree with the “universal standard” to make my top numbers 2.6 instead of 5.5 that our local lab uses. From what I have learned, since my numbers were as high as 55, I should be held steady between .5 (might have been lower?) and 1.2. My ideal numbers should be as close to the lower end without dipping below .35.

All I know, is when my numbers were at 1.2 I had not felt as good in a very long time! I was appropriately sad/happy, I was able to be active without feeling like it was futile and painful, and in general felt good! If I can convince him to stick to those numbers, then I will be happy.


The last 6 months of my numbers climbing, was almost worse than before I was diagnosed and SO bad! Really, knowing that it was my numbers, KNOWING that something would help, made it feel so much worse than it really was. I have to take partial responsibility for the last 3 months, as I could should have re-booked an appointment with my doctor after his partner blew me off. Live and learn. 

Let’s see what the next few weeks bring?

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