I have become obsessed with my next doctors appointment. I can not stop myself from having conversations in my head about what I will say.

Guys? My appointment won’t be for another month and a half!! Ugh.

What am I doing to myself? Seriously, this isn’t good. I am just so angry still about how it will be almost 9 -10 months (at time of next appointment) since I knew my numbers were climbing and I haven’t been feeling my best. I feel so cheated. I was finally starting to feel “normal” and have energy, only to not quite reach the top and start falling back.


I need to let this go. I keep hoping my rants/whines here will get it out of my system, but it isn’t working. My next step is to type out a monologue of what I want to say and print it out. Maybe getting it on paper will get it out of my head. If not, be prepared to see more posts from me.

Does ANYONE have suggestions that work for them? How do YOU get things out of your head? What works for you to remove obsessions like this? Really need suggestions folks!



*side note* Canadian men just scored in Olympic hockey!!!!! YEAH!

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