Baby steps!

I am finally recovered (about 80%) from the bug we all had the last 2 weeks. I am now able to pay attention to my regular health issues.

Still unsure if my coughing is a lung issue flaring (part of the asthma), allergies, the bug, or something else. Switching the furnace filter made it worse (had bought cheap ones), so that implies allergies, yet it is worse when I lie down which implies it is part of the asthma/lung thing. Oh well.

BUT, other things I have been noticing for the GOOD side of things, I am losing less hair (every time I ran the brush through my hair, I would have to clean the brush off), my nails, while still brittle and peeling, and losing the white spots (growing out, not to be replaced with more), while my weight isn’t changing, my clothes are fitting differently. I am still tired, but get bursts of energy where I actually get off the couch.

Again, not sure how much is the medication change finally kicking in, and how much is from getting over the bug. Whatever the case, I am glad things are turning around. It has only been 4 weeks since the medication change, so while it is too soon for stable numbers, it could be soon enough for little changes.

I need to make giant notes for the next time my numbers are out of whack (Better not be!), that read: It does get better, patience is needed. I have just never been that great at patience when it comes to my health. Odd that, I can be beyond patient for most other things, to the point of others thinking I am apathetic, yet for my health I want instant fixes. :/

But, yep! I can honestly say, I think my numbers are finally dropping, so now my patience is kicking in. *crosses fingers*


On a side note, I can’t WAIT for SO sick of winter. We never say or type it in full in this house … every time we do it …. DAMN! Just got cloudy. erk

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