Just a week away from my 2 month blood test. Which means 2 weeks until I see my doctor. I wouldn’t say I am nervous, but I do want him to listen to me, and read the information I have. I NEED my numbers to say in the low 1 range. I am just not sure he will change my medication if my numbers have dropped? I suppose it would depend on how far they have dropped, and how good I am and convincing him the information I have is fit for me.


I think my symptoms are improving now. But fighting allergies helps mask much of the improvements I might be having. Namely the tiredness, headaches, and vision issues. I am though, feeling much better mood wise, and, while I still have forgetful moments, overall memory is improving. For example, I can remember what it is I want to show/talk to doctor about. Yes, I was that bad in the past. Even notes didn’t help, because I would forget I made notes and would lose them. This time around my memory hadn’t gotten THAT bad, but enough that it was beginning to scare me. To be in that place is very frightening. You start wondering if you are loosing your mind, you can’t remember if you ate, you mix up your son and husbands names, can’t remember if/what bills were paid. Yeah. It’s scary.


And when I began to forget what I was saying as I was saying it, I thought I was getting that bad again. *shudder* NOT a fun thing. The allergies are messing with my memory a bit, but I think that’s to be expected? Sinus pressure and headaches can mess with the most healthiest of persons memory.

I am please with my mood improvement though. I hate crying (not as a sign of weakness or anything, I just don’t like crying. *shrugs*), and when I get like that, the stupidest of things can make me cry. Hell, and orange juice commercial made me cry because it had sunshine in it. I mean what? How can sunshine make you cry?


So, yeah. I think I am improving.

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