Same old whine AKA Blood test done, Doctors appt next.

Had my blood test Monday, and will have doctors appointment this coming Monday.

Usually (according to the interwebz) it can take 3 months for a new dose to be effective. So we’ll see where my numbers are Monday.

I am not sure about my improvements? Or maybe I just have a whole ‘nother kettle of fish to fry. All I know is while my memory and mood have improved, Other things haven’t, and I seem to have added new symptoms. After my last blood test I had a “thick tongue” feeling and just a general unwellness to me. Same thing this time. I don’t know if it is the blood test, or if it is just coincidence. All I know is I am getting really tired of health problems. I want to feel good again. I am having trouble remembering what that is like.

TMI: New symptom includes:

Bowel issues (always have had that to some degree. Just worse now), including blood.

Thick tongue (not swollen in appearance, just feeling)

Stiff neck

Sore/raw throat

“floating head” (just an out of touch/allergy type feeling)– like when you have a head cold and your head feels full and you are over tired, yet not stuffed up.

and the feeling of swollen neck (but doesn’t look or feel it to the touch)


As I said, not sure what this new thing is. I should correct myself, I don’t get it JUST because of the blood test, it is off and on. Just happens to be worse after a blood test. Takes about a week to clear up. usually by the time I get my doctors appointment. Go figure. Last blood test I had the full work up as well as my standing order, and the CBC should elevated white blood count, so I was fighting something. Just wish I knew if this was going to be a constant thing.


I have it all written down to talk to doc about, just have to remember to take the paper. ha!

Yep, that’s my whine for the month week day now.

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