TMI! Proceed with caution.

Bowel problems ahead (or behind …. Groaning may commence)

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So, as I have mentioned in the past, I have hemorrhoids. I always assumed I had just external, until recently. I have been having more and more troubles with my bowels. Never a normal poop to be had. And in the last year or so, increasingly more frequent bleeding.


At first I assumed it was just the external hemorrhoids popping. No pain, just lots and lots of blood. And then, the last 3 or 4 months, it has become so regular as to be almost every time I had a BM.

I decided enough was enough and talked to my doctor about it. He prescribed Proctodan-hc. It is some sort of antiinflammatory and numbing agent in suppository form. Joy.

Today was pay day. I stopped by the pharmacy to drop of the prescription, thinking I couldn’t fill it for a week while our insurance was switching – something something – which meant it’d be full price.

Turns out that it wasn’t down (they guessed at midnight) so I picked it up.



Tried my first one less than 20 minutes ago. I have now been sitting on the toilet for 10!! No. They are NOT suppose to make you go. They are suppose to ease the pain and shrink the internal hemorrhoids. So this is an  unpleasant shock to say the least.

It started when I inserted it. It was a bit uncomfortable, like you had pooped but couldn’t finish. I laid down* and my legs felt odd. Like ¬†had sat too long without moving, or my period was due (2 weeks away). Then my stomach started to gurgle and cramp. I fear a giant fart might just escape.

With suppository in ass, I headed to the bathroom. Nope, by this time I knew it’d be more. I grabbed a clean cloth (for the hemorrhoids once done) and a hot water bottle for my now horribly twisting stomach.


And this is where I am. Now 20 minutes later. Wondering if I try again, or do I decide to say forget it, not risking it again?

It does say on the box to use after a BM, so there’s that.

However, with my bowels trying to push what seems to be nothing, from my anal area with the force of a speeding car on the autobahn (couldn’t think of a good analogy while my ass is ripping in half), I assume all will be clear and safe when did he, and when else would my poor bum hole need an antiinflammatory and numbing agent, if not when I am done this?


Hope you are having a wonderful evening. I, am not.



*finally felt I could sleep at a decent time. Boy was I wrong.


Forgive any errors, typing from my phone.

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One Response to TMI! Proceed with caution.

  1. Susan says:

    Follow up comment … Yeah, so not using these any more. Round 2 is enough.


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