Things do get better

I have no idea what has happened in the last few days to improve my mood, especially after last night. Whoa!

Whatever it is, I hope it keeps up.

Now that I am in a better place, the REAL update regarding the doctor visit, and the last few days. So my thyroid levels are back down to 1.2, but it will take a bit of time for my system to click in to that fact and level out. He agreed completely with me that we will NOT let my numbers get above 1.5 maximum. So that was really reassuring. He wants me to get my blood tests in 2 months again, instead of 3. Then after that probably back to the 3 month check.

Seemed a bit off at the visit. “falsely” happy. I didn’t give it much thought at the time, but after wards thinking about it, I had to wonder if he’d had too long of a day or something. Just odd jokes about Y chromosomes and my moods etc. Nothing offensive, just not on course for him. He is always very supportive. So not sure where that came from. And when I made a stupid “not laugable” joke about my roller coaster numbers, his laugh was way to … well, just not needed. I just gave a short laugh and told him he really didn’t have to laugh at that.


Anyway, I then went on to all the stuff regarding my bowels, and he prescribed a suppository. If you are brave, you can read how well THAT went. Hint, not well. Still off today, but feeling less pain.


The last few days have been odd, in a good way. Dreams I can’t remember, that just seem SO strange when I wake up, but I remember flashes through out the day, and for some odd reason they are very reassuring. Last nights, all I get a flash of is some guy holding his arms out, I don’t remember who, it was someone famous that apparently I was close friends with (in the dream, in case that’s not clear. hehe), and I just remember this feeling of everything was going to be just great. Odd how something we can’t even remember can still be a reassurance.

Also, my son has made his choice regarding school (not going back after spring break), and I thought I might be a bit worried if he made that choice, but I am not. I am actually very happy for him. I think it is the right choice. As long as he DOES do “long distance” education. He is much happier, less stress, and while it surely has to be soon to tell, I swear he seems healthier because of it. Some kids just can not handle school.

The weather has been very dreary, yet it is spring! Warmish, and the birds are happy and singing.

Yeah, lots to be happy about lately.

Now if I can just get my laptop to hold out 6 more months? *crosses fingers* Taking it apart helped for about 3 days, but the flickering has started again. Time to look into my options. Think I will remove the monitor and turn it into a “pseudo -desktop”. Just have to figure out what wires need to be removed from the monitor that the wi-fi uses.

Yep, I have an option if this baby calfs on me. See? Life isn’t too bad. PLUS the external monitor I have is much larger, so will be a nicer viewing space for most things. And it has no flicker (smart enough to pre-test. :D) which means it is not the video card, but the monitor itself. I am just loathe to put in the work, and hassle of taking apart not just the laptop to remove the monitor, but the monitor itself to figure out what wire is what for the wi-fi and something else I don’t remember.


Alright, I will shut up now.

Just remember no matter what is going on right now? There are better days out there. Just hold on, it will come.

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