General life stuff — family/kid

Not too much to update on my health. Suppose my body is still trying to stabilize? Bowels still hate me, but nothing new there.

However, this post is about my son, and a decision we made as a family.

My son (and his father and I) has decided to drop out of high school, his last year. Which is why I am only posting this to twitter, Facebook has family and friends that I just rather not hear their opinions.

Keep in mind my son has NLD (Non-verbal learning disability) which is part of the autism spectrum. Extremely high IQ, just can’t do the written output that the schools require. Without going into all the past history, he has not had an easy school life, and while the step was living with us, not an easy home life.

Picture your worst hell, worst job maybe, or if you still remember high school, worst day, now times that by a million. Since we approached the kid regarding spring break being the end of his year, he has been so much calmer, less sick, and in general happier. Oh, sure he still has teen attitude, but overall, so much happier.

The poor kid was on the verge of ulcers, and is on medication (as needed) for acid reflux brought on by stress. I really feel this is the best for him. Get him out, give him a bit of time to relax, then find a job and (gave him a time limit) get his education via the local college, or home schooling. His choice.

The college here is apparently great, his TA/helper at the school recommended that method simply because the class size is smaller, you can work at your own pace, and the teachers gear the work to the student.

Now I just have to work on my own self. I have a set scheduled for when no one is home, now I have to re-work that to fit when the kid is home. The extra added bonus, I now have extra pair of hands to help with the house work. HAHAHAHA


Teen-aged moods aside? (and un-set schedule – still working that out) The family as a whole has been more relaxed, happy, and less stressed.

I knew the kid was stressed out, but never realized how bad it was until the past 2 weeks. Took him that long to decide on what to do, and he seldom slept in that time, but once he made the choice … the visible change in his body language, and mood was night and day. You could see the weight of the world being lifted off his shoulders. Breaks my heart we didn’t do this sooner. Or at least try home schooling or something.

Has the brains. BOY is he smart (based on testing), just can’t do the output. Most teachers would refuse to allow verbal testing/work. If they allowed that? He’d have passed with A pluses most years.

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