Small changes

I guess small changes are better than no changes. Yeah?

My moods are much better, when ever I find myself feeling low, I am able to snap myself out of it fairly easily now. Still have moments where I get teary, but at least now it isn’t unjustified (most of the time).

Sleeping patterns are still screwed up. Seem to be turning into a night owl (Stupid phrase, an owl is nocturnal. Don’t need the word night there). I wake up tired, and nap or no nap, when it is time for bed, I am wide awake. Most nights I don’t fall asleep until somewhere between 1 and 3 am. Beginning to really annoy me. Time to start the sleeping pills again I guess.

One area that is NOT improving (look away men), is my menstruation. My first time with low thyroid numbers, I noticed my periods were finally normal. Not super heavy, cramps I could deal with, no back pain, and very little need for pain killers. That hasn’t happened yet. In fact, I think it is getting worse. This month for example, I starting getting my cramps (where I need my prescription pain pills) 2 days before it started. My knees even hurt. I am trying to compare it to 3 months ago, but when in pain it is hard to compare.


That aside, overall though, I am seeing improvement in most things. I think I am just expecting too much to fast. I want healthy darn it!

OH! AND my memory is improving. That’s a big plus. Losing your memory is very scary, so having it back (some what 😉 )is really nice.

Helps that the days are getting longer, and the weather is improving. Spring has to be my favourite time of year.


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