Time to fight, for my health.

I keep researching hypothyroidism, keep looking for more answers. WHY do I still have bad days? Why can I not get to a level spot and stay there? Thankfully I have a decent doctor, but should I really be the one in our relationship to tell him what tests I think should be run? Should he be the one running them?


It has been almost 2 years since my diagnoses, and almost 5 since my health really crapped out starting this whole mess. AND it has been almost 15 years since I have felt truly healthy. First it was just “burn out” from being a wife, parent, and general human being. then I got sick, turns out that was chronic bronchitis/allergies, then it was this, hypothyroidism. I am tired of it. I am going to take control.


I need to look all the names of the recommended blood tests, and write them down, but I need to get other things tested. I need to be tested for hashimoto’s disease (apparently “the” main cause of hypothyroidism), I need to be treated for vitamin deficiencies (yeah, ok, my Mom was right. No one tell her), like magnesium and iodine, and something else I can’t remember. I also need tests for some sort of toxicity. Something about dentistry and stuff? Mercury and … stuff. This, this right here is why I need to write it all down. Apparently the toxicity is more common in people my age and older (go did THAT make me feel old!), it was the stuff they used in fillings, and fluoride treatments that is the issue. Supposedly it can trigger hashimoto’s? Now, if I recall correctly, the iodine and magnesium (and something else) helps flush the system of that stuff. It will make me worse, before getting better, but from all I have read, it seems to be about 2 weeks to 2 months. I think I could handle that if that is a factor?


I just want to take control for a change.I want normal, I want my bowels to quit hating me, I want to be able to sleep at night, and feel awake during the day. It’s like my internal clock is ass backwards.


I have always listened to what doctors have said, always taken listened to their words as “gospel”, for myself. Yet, fought if things seemed off when it came to my son, even my husband. Why have I never fought for myself? I am changing that.


Now that I know he will listen to me, agrees that my numbers should stay low, I think it will help. What also helps ease my mind that he will listen to me, is that he was the one to suggest checking my B 12 as part of the thyroid problem, and the fact he wants to check my T3 and T4 each time now as well. Just need to add free T3 and free T4. What doesn’t reassure me, is how last time he joked about “hormones and women” (don’t remember the exact words, and when I told him to watch it buster, he did apologize genuinely …) and sometimes I am not sure just how well he will take to me giving him a list of blood tests I think should be done. But, I have to try. Thankfully, this is Canada and 1.) I don’t have to pay for it 2.) no money out of his pocket 3.) if any of the tests will cost, he is good about telling me


He really does seem to want to get me stable.


But I need to get all possible triggers, causes, additives checked. And if it means I have to bully the doctor, or even find a new doctor, I will. Could always ask him about a specialist too? That’s a thought.

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