Lazy days and rainy nights …

That’s in some song somewhere, I think?

Well, I have to say I have been doing okay lately. Mentally I am having less and less “depressed” moments. Memory is even improving. I am actually reminding folks of things! A day late, but still, I count it!! ūüėÄ


Where I am still having problems is with sleep, and tiredness. I am not exHAUSTed during the day any more, but still could sleep. Then, at night, no matter when I go to bed, BOOM! My eyes won’t stay shut, the brain is working/thinking (though even that isn’t as bad).

To be completely truthful, even that is getting better the last week or so. My brain is no longer poking me with thoughts and ideas etc. And it is only taking about an hour for my eyes to stay shut, and for me to fall asleep. It seems like 1 -2:30 is the time I fall asleep. I am now waking at a more reasonable time 8 – 10 am, so hopefully I am winning the battle to retrain my body to “normal” hours?


Ideally I want to sleep a solid sleep from 10 -11 pm until 7 – 8 am. That seems reasonable?


You know, lately I have been running into (not literally :P) more and more people who have hypothyroidism. When I was first diagnosed, I remember a few thoughts 1.) WHEW, I have a reason for all this 2.) umm what? That explains the weight, what about everything else? 3.) Man, not many have this, how will I find out more?

I was so wrong on the last 2. And of course, the more research I do, the more I learn, the more I become confused/awed/overwhelmed. To be fair, I did know in the beginning that it control a fair amount (Mom was a nurse), I just didn’t realize it controlled EVERYTHING.


Seriously, EVERYTHING. An analogy I read was “The thyroid is like the carburetor¬†in a car”. I tend to think of it more as the gas. Both analogies are similar, but with the tiredness I feel, it feels more like a gas thing. *shrugs*

I am still very shocked at how the numbers¬†are handled. SO much of the research I have done states the high numbers should be 2.6, and everyone should be around 1 – 1.5 (lower if diagnosed with hypothyroidism). YET, almost all countries (oddly, poorer countries are implementing¬†lower high numbers?!?) are still using 4.5 – 5.5 as the top “high normal”.


If I¬†can find the research about 2.6 being the top number? Why can’t medical professions? I just don’t get it.


Anyway, enough of that rant. I am lucky to have a doctor who listened to me, and is willing to keep my numbers between 1 – 1.2. Now, here’s hoping I can convince him to do more tests for hashimoto¬†disease, and some of the other tests for better regulation of my numbers.

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