I know I touched on this the other day, but I wanted to go into a bit more detail. (like moods can have detail? I suppose.)


See, I know my thyroid is still not fully stable, just from the whole not sleeping right, up to late, can’t sleep at night even when tired, but even that is slowly (painfully slow) getting better.

No, my main observation is my mood(s). Oh, sure, I still have the odd “oh look, a cat/kid/something is on TV, my eyes must water”. Those are becoming less, and generally are things that have always upset me to some degree (abuse, death, etc).

The best thing, is the depression! Wait, let me rephrase that. The best thing is the lessening of the depression. That’s better. I still feel lazier than I ever have been (look, going downstairs to do laundry is just more energy than I am willing to put out right now), but I am HAPPY. Yep, Not just the whole “Oh, that should make me smile, so smile”. Nope, real honest to goodness happiness. I am enjoying things again. I knew my depression was there, I just figure since it was sadness all the time, and mostly a lack of energy, well, I figured it wasn’t that bad. Boy was I WRONG. Now that I am looking forward to things and enjoying them, I realize just how deep my well was.

I am still not strong enough to battle large crowds (like going out or something), but I don’t even find shopping as scary!


Yep, life is pretty good. Next, I tackle my anxiety over the treadmill, and get my energy levels up. Heck, maybe I’ll even use my sleeping pills for more than 1 night a month, and work on getting my sleep patterns back to normal (3 mights should do it?). THAT alone should help with that last lethargic feeling that is refusing to vacate.

Feels good to feel happy. 😀

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