Late, no, early… Oh forget it.

2:30 in the morning and not asleep.
Partly self inflicted this time. Watched Netflix with the kid. :mrgreen:
Normally my brain is pretty good about not going into overdrive, but tonight, for some stupid reason … my brain is zooming.
I see people online with loads of pictures, lots of friends, and I can’t help but wonder what’s wrong with me.
Why am I so different. AM I so different? Maybe I am just not as good at faking it? And in part don’t want to fake it. After all, if I can’t get friends by being weird, crazy, introverted me, then really, do I even want friends that would like a fake me?

Most days I am very happy by myself (and my family). But some days I envy others. That companionship that you don’t see every day, people you can share your day, secrets, girl stuff … etc.
I had a friend (ya, just one. Lame.), but she moved. AND she is a huge extrovert. Always surrounded by people. Not sure if that is a need, or just how it works out? Whatever it was, I could only do one on one, and I don’t think that was enough. So I am forgotten.
90% of the time I could not care less, but sometimes, on nights like this, when my brain gets out of control, it bothers me. I start wondering what is wrong with me.
I am pretty sure it is because I never want to do anything.

Hi. My name is Susan, I like long walks on the beach alone (or with family), coffee, animals, books, geeky things really. Oh and I love watching TV(Doctor Who, Arrow, Elementary, CSI and to many more to mention), especially the Vancouver Canucks! Go Canucks go! (Next season)

Dislikes include, any where there is a crowd (more than 5 people), playing sports(most activity), liars, loud noises (ie: from crowds), and I have a general dislike of the human race.

Nope can’t tell why I have no friends. Though I do wonder how I managed to get married? Hahaha

Mm a big fault, I tend to listen and be the shoulder so often for everyone, that when I do talk, it is almost always about me and problems. Which is the biggest reason for this blog about my health. Just imagine my husband horror if I didn’t! At least having this blog helps lessen how much he has to hear.

Anyway, it is now after 3 in the morning. I should really get some sleep. Here I am trying to regulate my sleeping patterns, and what do I do? I go and watch Netflix. I am brain dead some days. 😝

FYI, any spelling mistakes? Ignore, or point them out. I am tired and “Swype” typing on my phone. Might be a few mistakes…

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