Just a quickie…

In bed, by 11:30 for a change, so using my phone for this post. Which is why I will make it short.


I have come to the conclusion that I need to talk to my doctor about a few things.

1.) Other deficiencies – vitamins and such.

2.) I need to be checked for hashimotos.

3.) I have noticed a small lump in the general area of my thyroid the last few days. Might be nothing, I am prone to swollen glands, but best get it checked.

4.) Depending on my numbers this time, getting free T3 checked too, I need to talk to him about maybe changing meds to a T3 and T3 combo.


I am feeling better in some areas, but the tiredness is just not going away, and again I am getting symptoms slowly creeping back. I do not want to change my meds every 3 -5 months. The combo may help?


I have always been fairly last, as an adult, but I had energy. I COULD do things and wanted to. This lack of energy thing is beginning to wear me out, adding to the cycle of exhaustion. I’ll pray to whatever everyone’s god if it will help. Hell, I’d cut off my right boob if it will make me healthy. No better make that the left boob, it’s a bit bigger and not quite pairings properly…

Night all, stay healthy and take care of you!

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