Well hell …

As I mentioned in my last post, I need to get doc to look into changing me to a T4 AND T3 medication, and check for Hashimoto’s among other tests.

I am more determined than ever now. This whole yo-yo thing is pissing me off. Don’t get me wrong, I am not bad right now, but I can tell I am not stable. My sleep has not improved in, what, a year? No, not improved is the wrong wording. There has been some improvement, just not a lot. Not enough to make me feel normal. If normal is even real?

My skin is getting drier the last few weeks, and the last day or two I have been feeling weepy or odd things. Last night it was global warming, today it was a commercial, and then a friends issue with some dick-head.

I will also talk to talk about the possibility of a specialist on thyroid issues. Have to figure out how to broach the subject. He has been great, listened to my concerns and changed meds listened to my research and such. BUT, he is just a GP. I think a specialist would have more information, know more of specialist tests and hopefully get me stable.

Each time I yo-yo, it feels worse. Not because it really is worse (probably better), it’s just because the time I am good is so short, and I am getting frustrated.

I think he will handle it ok? Doesn’t strike me as the type of doctor to have his ego bruised. Plus he will still be my family doctor. I just want to get this under control.




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