Pure whine ahead

Trust me, this is just a pure whine post. Which is why I am putting it here. 1.) not as public as my Facebook 2.) Less folks view my blog than my Twitter 3.) just because here doesn’t feel as “pushy”.

I have been suffering from allergic asthma for almost 3 weeks now, and for … ever, my sleep has been crappy as hell (need my thyroid more stabilized for sleep to fall in place). Well, I finally start to get my asthma controlled, sleep starts falling in place (sort of) and shit hits the fan else life. Dryer (drier?) dies, so any wet stuff had to be hung up, the basement is musty -> asthma. Rain lately -> musty basement gets mustier -> asthma. BUT, still sort of had it controlled, not well, but it was.

Then bossman said we could get a new dryer/drier (whatever). It will be delivered tomorrow. Ok, kids room is clean, no problem. Laundry all in (over loaded) baskets, no problem. Wait, the downstairs entry is a disaster with garbage and crap and litter and … OH **** ME. Fine. Kid can do it (’cause -> asthma). “Mmm yeah, forget it, I’ll do it myself” (after 3 hours of trying to wake kid). Well holy ****ING ****!! Found the reason for much of my problems. Without pointing blame *coughkidcough* the cats used more than the litter to pee in, on, around ….

Took me an hour to clean (with a bit of help from kid?? Sort of?) and pick up all the garbage, and half hour to wash the 6′ x 3′ hall. Needless to say it took me 3 hours just to breath again. Had a bit of a panic attack at one point. Still feel off.

The REALLY whine? To top all THAT off? I got my fucking period. Yeah, someone somewhere is laughing their ass off. fucking prick(s). Not funny.

Someone just put me out of my misery now. Seriously, I need better pain killer(s), right now. My prescription is just not working. 😦

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