All I seem to do is bitch and whine

Sorry folks, feel free to skip this post if you are sick and tired of hearing about me being sick and tired.


I am very frustrated right now with my health. I do understand that a bit (HUGE) part of my lung issue is my own damned fault. I smoke. I did quit once (with drugs) for a year, but my husband was unable to. Not that I blame him. The drugs only help so much, and when you have a break down due to stress at work, kind of not a good time to add quitting smoking to the pile. And for me, it was either start smoking again, or never be near my husband.

So, yeah, I DO take a big chunk of the blame for my breathing problems. But that is not all of it, I would be in the same boat even if I didn’t smoke (maybe just not as long?). The allergies right now are ridiculously high. And short of living in a glass box naked with no air? I pretty much have to wait this out. Since I first started having problems (almost 4 or 5 years ago now) EVERY year, some where between Feb and March until May (this year it looks like it may go into June) I have had asthma problems. Last year I was lucky, it was only about 3 or 4 weeks, and while I am sure I bitched about it, I could sleep, and I don’t remember needing my rescue inhaler as much as I have this go around.

The problem is, sleep. This last change in my thyroid medication has not fixed all my problems, I still am having symptoms, and supposedly my numbers are just fine (will get the real numbers Monday). This last 4 or 5 months I have had the crappiest sleep pattern. I am exhausted during the day, yet can’t sleep at night. I finally fall asleep around 1 – 3 am, then am awake at 7 – 8 in the morning. Once a week (unusually on the weekend) I have 1 or 2 days where the lack of sleep catches up and I finally sleep in until 10 or 11, getting about 8 hours of sleep.

If I could just get proper sleep, regularly, I think I could kick this sooner.

I will try to update here Monday after my doctors appointment, mainly for myself, but in case anyone is interested. I REALLY have to tell him I need to see a specialist. I can’t keep going like this. I need to get stable and STAY stable.

Well, that’s enough from me. I keep losing my train of thought, when I have to run to the bathroom during a coughing fit. (So I don’t pee myself)

Pretty sure the lung problems are linked to the thyroid. Via the allergies. Thyroid controls allergies.


Seriously, evolution was not thinking when it made the thyroid. Who in their right mind puts ONE gland (a tiny one at that) in charge of EVERYTHING! I mean EVERYTHING. Seriously, look it up. The thyroid controls it all, from asthma to zits. Yep, A – Z.

Anyway, I lost steam 4 paragraphs ago, and lost what I was saying about 2 back. *shrugs* Power to ya if you read this whole thing!

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