Sleep, poop, and doctors, oh my.

What do you expect? I am no writer. I still try to be funny from time to time.


Title aside, doctor appointment went well.

Doc wants a scan of my throat first before I see a specialist, but he agreed a specialist would probably be good to throw in our mix.

All my other numbers were good. I had so much I was talking to him about I forgot to ask for the TSH numbers, but he did say ” we want you no higher than 2 right? So that’s good.” When I corrected him and said 1.2 he did say something about it being not much higher, and checked the numbers. Granted, he may have been avoiding telling me, BUT I did have other issues to think about. And really, other than lung and sleep issues, my thyroid problems are fine. (Well, nothing I can’t live with for awhile)


He is also referring me for a bronchial test of some sort. And gave me some prescriptions that should help calm that.


He did say, in passing, that we could go 6 months between tests. But, yeah, not going to happen. I will go 3 as I have been. LAST time I waited 6 months I spiked and it took a year to stabilize me again.


As for the poop portion of the post? I wrote this post while on the toilet. I was backed up something fierce with the cough and meds. I had to do SOME thing to take my mind off the pain.

Cough seems calm right now, bowels mostly empty, so once the husband is done he his nap … I am so going to nap the hell out of my bed. I am going to have songs written about my napping ability.


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