Possible progress?

Only been one day/night since doc gave me stuff to help with cough/sleep (have sleeping pills, try not to use them). The new steroid inhaler seems to be the best bet. It is a 2 week temp increase in dosing. The codeine pill for the cough on the other hand, not so sure it did much? Oh, sure, I coughed less and didn’t have to run to the bathroom every 2 minutes. But, I still woke every hour (give or take a few minutes).

The improvement though is I was able to stay in bed, when I did cough it was just a quick “need a drink” sort of cough. Not the usual cough up a lung for 10 minutes.

I will need a nap today. And I may add a sleeping pill tonight or tomorrow night, we’ll see.

But even small improvements are better than no improvements. šŸ˜€ One good nights sleep and I am pretty sure my mood will got from bitch to happy(ier).

Heck, I already feel a little less stabby. Which I believe my family is happy about.

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