[Updated – Spell checked] So many thoughts, so little sleep

Not sure why I am choosing to post any of my late night mind ramblings, especially as it is with my smart phone, but here we are.


I have come to the huge realization of “who gives a flying fuck what anyone thinks”. That is over simplified obviously, but the premise is sound. See to often I worry what people I don’t know might think of me, my things, or whatever. You know, there’s HOW many billions of people on this planet? Do I really expect them all to like me? Really? Where is the fun in life if everyone liked everyone? Oh, sure, the lack of war and stuff would be awesome, but the day to day interactions would become so mundane. Horrible thought.

So, I will continue to read comments on things, but instead of feeling bad for whoever the originator is, I will feel bad for the commenter. What sort of life must they have to be so vile and negative? I will also begin to live my life for me, and my family, without worrying what some stranger might think, or even friends and family for that matter.

Mind you, next time depression strikes I may have to reread this a few times. But it’s all good.


Another thing. Seems I have changed my tune about e-cigarettes. All the information I had was based on the american version. Their ingredients, including nicotine. Now, having checked out the Canadian version, I am not sure why governed is so bent out of shape? No nicotine, and not much else really. They have vegetable glycogen(or something like that? Sugar type thing) glycerin(e) (package has no e, spell check wants an e), water and flavour. It is then vaporized. No burning, and no really bad things in it.

Talked to doc about them. I think he approves? The more I think about it. But he never really gave me a straight answer.

So. I went and bought a starter kit. Hubby is joining me in this (starter kit came with two batteries … For when one is recharging, but should be fine), hope it works. Will be about a third of the price of cigarettes for us, and already after half a day my lungs are less angry.

Doubt the withdrawals from the real cigarettes will be eased by this, but so far the cravings for a “real” smoke aren’t there. Do need to get a different flavour though. Miss my menthol. Haven’t liked regular smokes for many many years now. Really hoping this helps, both of us! I can’t syntax the smell of cigarettes when I am not smoking.

Time will tell. Who knows, I may change my mind again?

Now I need to tie hubby up. NOT like that you sickos! I mean because he is kicking and tossing in his sleep.


–Update included spell check and a change in ingredient. Quite glad I hadn’t posted more. All my thoughts were jumbled.

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