Some days I feel like Homer Simpson

My husband is dealing with panic attacks and anxiety surrounding his job.

I feel for him, I know how depression can be (not the anxiety part as much, I tend to suppress it). I REALLY want to be supportive, but all I can think about is if he misses work … how much that affects us financially. I want to tell him, come home, be safe. Instead I have to say “Work through it, stick it out”

I hate it. I hate being the bad guy. If he comes home I freak out thinking about the money, if he stays at work I feel like shit because he has to be there …

I just wish there was some magical fix for this all. Win the lottery, some long lost rich relative gives us money … something.

Also, I wish doc did more than “Here, let’s self help. Watch this DVD”. I do get it, but he didn’t think a psychiatrist (or psychologist) was a good idea because of their back log … umm yeah, ok. But would SOME talk time be better than no talk time?? Canada is great in that it is covered, but it SUCKS in that the back log for MOST doctors is crazy. 😦

Some days I feel like Homer Simpson in the Simpson’s movie … Rock, Hard place … I am there.

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