A little whine with your cheese?

I am trying VERY hard to not whine any more, but damn it all, I am seriously going insane.

Between the stresses of hubby’s issues, and my health, and the kid being … well, a teen, I am losing it. I know for a fact I could shoulder more and handle it all if I could just get rid of this cough. I keep telling myself it is nowhere near as bad as the first time 3 years ago (lord! Just three years??), but it is bad enough I am not getting proper sleep, peeing myself every 5 – 10 minutes (I have “diaper” type things, I am not an animal!), and I do run to the bathroom before it’s bad.


I will try to book an appointment after hubby’s next week. BEG doc for the Prednisone. I am NOT wanting this to go any further. Two months of this is enough. It’s not really getting worse, but it is not getting better. And until I can get this under control, I can not be who I need to be for my family. I can do laundry, clean, even doing dishes is hard. I start something and BOOM I have to run to the bathroom. For laundry it means being in a damp basement with dirty stuff and all my allergens in one place, cleaning, it means throwing up dust which forget it, shuts my lungs down.

Nope, I need this fixed now. I am NOT going to go six months before this is fixed. Nope, not again. Last time I damned near lost it I was this >< close to losing it all. Nope.

The one GOOD thing about this? My voice is even deeper (thyroid roughed up my voice a bit. hehe), and foggy so I get to pretend it is all sexy and stuff. 😛


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