The verdict

Today, in about 3 hours, Husband will find out what, if anything, work will do for him for his stress leave. Worse case scenario, they won’t do anything, while tough, I have scheduled for, just a matter of “creative juggling” with money. BEST case scenario, they can get him the 75% of gross earnings (which I forgot to off set the waiting period – still involves more juggling because of that), which will be just fine. A bit of belt tightening, but no where near as bad, and for a much shorter period of time.

While I can’t see it happening, I know husband is hoping they will do a buyout, but since they keep trying to keep him there, I am doubtful they will let him go that easily. But, if they do, 6 months (or whatever?) pay right then and there is something to think about. IF handled correctly, I think I could make that work so husband wouldn’t have to look for another job for the full 6 months. Depending of course on type of job, pay etc the options would leave us.

Something(s) to think about any way.

Just hate seeing him so stressed. 😦 Me, I have worst and best cases all laid out, so I know we will be ok no matter what. Unfortunately, husband has to have all the facts and figures to relax. Which, I think most people are like that when you think about it. Me? I am odd. My “stress” won’t kick in until after I have the numbers, time line, and we reach the safe point. Then my “stress” let’s loose for a day or two of either sleeping non-stop, or I usually go buy something for the family that we don’t need. LOL

To be fair, I probably have stress before that point, I just don’t register it until all is fine. *shrugs* Majority of times that is how I am. If you see me stressed before hand it is one of two things, 1.) either everyone around me is stressed and I can’t escape it, and I take on their stress so they can relax or 2.) Ya’ll should run the world is ending. 😉 Ok, maybe not that drastic, but it is usually pretty bad if I stress before hand. (or, I am depressed and no stress is needed.)

I just wish I knew how to re-assure husband that it will be ok. I guess we all handle things our own way. I know I do, and no amount of someone telling me “how it should be” will change how I feel.

Anyway, now all about me! Health is getting better. No more horrid coughing, throat is healing nicely, if a bit slowly. Sleep still wonky, but that could be “that time” stuff. *shrugs* My mood is improving, despite the messed up sleep pattern, so that’s good. I think once I am back on regular meds and scheduled (no extra shit) I should level out? figure give i a few days to clear the system, and if the sleep hasn’t fallen in line I will plan for 2 or 3 nights with my sleeping pills to try and whack my system over the head. Either that or the frying pan method. But I’d rather not get a concussion on top of it all. hehe

Seriously though, it is an amazing feeling to finally be feeling well, both from the cough, and my mood. Hell, I can almost handle this no sleeping thing!

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