Stress, life, and money

I meant to update sooner, but life has a way of butting in. Hubby’s work meeting went well, had all the paperwork and stuff ready, signed him up for some money from the benevolence fund (which we got $1000) to help tide us over until the EI (employment insurance) kicks in. If he needs longer than what EI covers, which is 4 months, then work will speed up the LTD for any remaining time he will need.


Hubby’s is still stressed, I can see it. But I think until the EI kicks in, he will be. After all, they could refuse the claim. I’m not overly worried though. Last time was no problem, and really, until they give us the answer (about 2 more weeks) no point in stressing, hubby is doing enough for both of us with some to spare. And, if they DO turn down the claim, well, we will deal with it. No one really to borrow from, but I am pretty sure bossman will not evict us, after all, how would that look? Evicting your managers? I am pretty sure most debtors will be some what understanding? If not, I’ll figure it out. Who knows, maybe we could even get more from the benevolence fund?

whatever though, I do think about it some, just so I have a starting point in case. Don’t want to be completely unprepared if the claim is refused.


I am doing well. Cough is completely gone, but still having issues with allergies. I stay on top of them the best I can to prevent a relapse. AT this time it is mainly just dry throat that “sticks”. Not sure how to explain that … basically my throat dries out and feels as if the front catches on the back of the throat. It causes my eyes to water and my throat to become very clogged with what I assume is mucus. But it is less and less now, and my lungs are almost 100%. Well, 100% for me.

Mood is doing well still. Minor anger flare ups over stupid things. Usually at night when I am tired (sleep is better, but still short), and easily controlled once I realized. Thankfully my son is old enough to know what’s going on. Yells back mind, which doesn’t help (darn teens), but doesn’t let it upset him. I think once my sleep is back to normal (ie: more than 5 hours a night) and once hubby’s stress lessens, even that will improve.


Now, if I could just find a good maid for free? So much has built up while my lungs had shut down, just the thought of starting any of it overwhelms me. Not my mood thankfully (well, besides guilt!) just the tiredness, and where to start.

Speaking of tired, it is now past 2am, and here I am. This is my fault this time though, not my bodies. I choose to stay up. Oops But I do enjoy watching Netflix with the kid at night (try to watch an episode of Charmed a night hehe), it’s almost a ritual for us.

Maybe I’ll sleep in. I can hope.


Thank the programmers for spell check! *blush* over 20 stupid ones in this post. tihnk, atfer, improper caps, those sort of mistakes. A true sign I should be in bed!

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