I don’t stress like you.

Ok, so normally I don’t stress things like the average person. Usually it’s, get news or have event/whatever to do, and you stress, the news happens, or event and you realize the stress was, or wasn’t needed. Me, usually I get news, or event whatever, and I figure whatever, no need to stress. Thing happens and I feel a few hours of butterflies and realize I should, or shouldn’t have stressed and It’s over until next time. Sometimes I have I do get odd dreams the night before thing, but not often.

But, this time, I am am … not stressed really, but certainly “concerned” leaning more to curious.

See, I got a call from my doctor’s office today. My thyroid scan results are back and doc would like to see me. “Not super urgent though” she said (not those words) but when she told me the appointment for this Friday would be with yet another new doctor, I asked about when Doctor S would be back and she said “Oh he is book for at least 2 weeks, I suggest you take this Friday”.

Now, I never really gave it much thought. NOT at the time. But now, 4 hours later, playing on my computer, I realized what she said and a light bulb went off. I start over thinking what she said. (THAT I do. Over think) So now I am wondering, is it a goiter? (Not likely, can’t feel the dang things), Cancer? ehn, maybe I do smoke, but highly unlikely. She didn’t seem …. odd or overly concerned (you can just tell, ya know?). Plus tech that did the scan said “Well that’s good, nothing exciting”. SO … what? Gland problems? Maybe “nodules” (I have to look that up. hmm). Whatever it is it can’t be that bad, but enough they want me in sooner than later. If it is Hashimoto’s then, oh, well, I suspected that.


Guess we will see Friday ….

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