And the verdict is …

Just home from the doctor’s appointment. Probably nothing, but could be anything from a cyst to cancer. 😛 Though Cancer is highly unlikely.

Got in to the appointment, different doctor, SWEAR he was no older than 16 – 18. Yikes! Anyway, he took a look/feel of the area, couldn’t find the lymph-nodes that were the problem. Seems that lymph-nodes have a certain “look” to them, and the person who evaluates the scans determined mine were abnormal (makes sense, look who they live in). Something to do with the shape of them?

Now, in order of probability:

Odd shaped lymph-nodes that flare up when I am fighting a bug

Lymph-nodes that have become/surrounded by cyst(s).

Infected lymph-nodes

Lymphoma (Cancer of the blood that affects lymph-nodes, or something like that? Cancer at any rate)

Some other thing that isn’t explainable yet.

So yeah, there’s my choices. I had the choice to ignore it, chalk it up to them being swollen due to fighting off something, or get another ultra-sound to double check. After which, if they are gone, it is one of the first 2, if the cyst(s) then it has been absorbed, and no big deal any way. If they are still there, or back, then comes a biopsy to see what it is. Which could show any of the above from nothing (just a cyst which is, or isn’t infected, or just swollen because I am fighting some bug) all the way up to the biggie of cancer. Now, if it is a “bug” chances are they would then figure out what I am fighting determine if I need help getting rid of it.

Oh! there is another option, from research I have done, lymph-nodes can flare up from the thyroid medication *slaps forehead* forgot to mention that to doctor, as it is a rather new discovery. Ah well, I am sure it will all work out in the end.

I’d bet money on it being a cyst(s) or swollen from some bug. I am prone to cysts, had one burst in my ovary eons ago … HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THE PAIN! And I get “cysts” (forgot real name) on the labia majora and minora, usually a week or two before my period. Even had a cyst on a lymph-node behind my ear (got so painful I needed percocet). So, yeah, if I had money, I’d lay it all on being a cyst(s).

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